Harley Quinn: Finding Mr. Right Review

In this week’s episode of Harley Quinn, Finding Mr. Right, Harley (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) gains a new crew member as she begins to search for a big-name nemesis – only to gain a boy wonder.

While Harley, Dr. Psycho (voiced by Tony Hale), and Clayface (voiced by Alan Tudyk) have been making the big bucks by robbing some of Gotham’s biggest banks, they’re getting no media coverage because of Joker (also voiced by Tudyk) getting caught robbing small credit unions and being stopped by Batman – also because ferrets are adorable. Pissed off and wanting to find a nemesis of her own, Harley looks to do whatever she can to find a nemesis and Clayface brings on a tech savvy crew member to give Harley a stronger social presence – King Shark (voiced by Ron Funchess). The iconic DC villain is generally shown to be more of a physical threat, which he does show later in the episode, but here he’s the more of the brains behind the operation and is given a hilariously fun personality through Funchess’ great performance. He also helps Harley navigate her way through a villain’s social media match-making site, which I love that that exists, and come up with a way for her to find her own nemesis.

Harley has to deal with the fearless, and annoying, boy wonder this week as she searches for a nemesis. PHOTO: Dailymotion

Only finding the connections of bottom-level DC hero Tommy Tomorrow, Harley comes up with a plan of her own to get the Dark Knight’s attention by taking the Batmobile for a joyride. However, rather than gain the attention of the big, bad Batman (voiced by Diedrich Bader), Harley and her crew only have the fearless boy wonder, Robin (voiced by Jacob Tremblay). Tremblay specifically voices the arrogant son of Bruce Wayne, Damien, that comes equipped with all of the gadgets anyone would expect with Robin and the deadly skills that were taught to him by the League of Shadows. Not only annoyed that Robin has come to ruin her chance at having Batman as her nemesis, but with Robin saying that Harley is now her nemesis and that he kicked her ass easily, no one is taking her seriously.

Even when she holds Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane (voiced by Natalie Morales) hostage to get the attention of Superman (voiced by James Wolk), the two of them just brush her off after Robin hilariously comes in on a hoverboard styled gadget and make sushi plans. Sick of letting Robin trash her name on Tawny Young’s (voiced by Tisha Campbell-Martin) talk show, Harley comes up with a plan that’s completely against Ivy’s (voiced by Lake Bell) warnings and expose Robin for the liar that he is. Looking to expose Robin as for the liar he is and get Batman on her radar, Harley sets Robin up in a trap that dangles him above the docile King Shark just to scare Robin enough to confess that Harley is not his nemesis on Tawny’s show. Even though Shark says that he has issues with blood, Harley says that he doesn’t need to make things violent. However, when Robin’s bloody nose triggers from him being nervous and scared, he puts blood in the water and makes Shark’s primal urges come out.

Tawny’s show ends up being the perfect background for fights, betrayals, and hilarity to take place. PHOTO: The Fandom Post

All hell breaks loose on Tawny’s show with a slew of special guests coming and that has everyone watching. With Robin now in real danger, Batman breaks into action and proclaims that Harley will not get away with this. An intense battle between Batman and Harley ensues that’s very fun to watch, especially with Harley’s crew chomping on popcorn and commentating on what happens. Even Ivy comes to Harley’s rescue and tussles with Batman for everyone to watch. From Superman and Lois on their sushi date to Aquaman watching on his phone on the toilet, Harley’s plans are going even better than she thought they would. Even Kite Man (voiced by Matt Oberg) is enjoying the action at a seedy bar, but the biggest attention comes from Joker seeing his nemesis slip away from him and deciding to crash the party. With Joker coming into the mix a true evil triangle forms and things end just about as they started with Batman chasing down Joker, whose taken Robin hostage, but with Harley now on his radar. While the Harley and her crew have a new nemesis to deal with, they also have to deal with Ivy’s landlord wanting to kick them out – which should make for some hilarious scenarios the next couple of episodes. Not to mention, Batman has a hilariously awkward father/son moment with Robin that’s never seen in their relationship but is very well done here.

Harley Quinn continues to show the DC universe in darkly comedic new light as Harley takes on Robin in a search for a new nemesis. With the addition of a docile King Shark and a childishly arrogant Robin, the series continues to break expectations and create a new look for DC that smashes viewers’ funny bones in hilariously bloody fashion.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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