HBO’s The Undoing: See No Evil (Episode 4) Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On this week’s episode of HBO’s The Undoing, See No Evil, Haley (Noma Dumezweni) begins to shape the narrative for Jonathan’s (Hugh Grant) case as Grace (Nicole Kidman) and Franklin (Donald Sutherland) continue to deal with their feelings towards him.

After Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez) showed Grace the footage of her walking near Elena’s (Matilda De Angelis) death site and Jonathan faces more retribution from the public and inside the prison last week, things are not looking good for the Fraser family and they don’t get much better this week. As Haley begins to question Jonathan and Grace to help shape their case, they aren’t exactly the most cooperative. Grace is refusing to go up on the stand to testify and Jonathan is so concerned with people believing he’s innocent that his smarmy and overly charming personality makes him look even more guilty. Not to mention, he tells Haley that Elena wasn’t the only time he’s had an affair, so things aren’t looking good for him. However, this new information does give Jonathan an idea on who could’ve actually killed Elena and Haley sees Jonathan’s charm as a way to win over the jury.

Jonathan (left) and Grace (right) hit some self-created barriers as the trial nears. PHOTO: Radio Times

While Jonathan’s fate still hangs in the balance, Franklin attempts to ease some of the tension that’s coming from this and deeply affecting Grace and Henry. After Henry (Noah Jupe) accidently bumps into Miguel (Edan Alexander) at school, he’s suddenly on the verge of getting kicked out of school until Franklin steps in to handle things. Honestly, if this episode is an excellent showcasing of anything, it’s that Sutherland is a dominating force in this series as Franklin. His whole monologue to Henry’s principal is absolutely perfect and even what he says about Jonathan screwing him over is actually very touching because of the emotion that Sutherland brings out in his performance. It’s definitely some top-notch work from Sutherland and Franklin really shows everyone who’s boss this episode – but that could be what shows his true colors.

Ever since we first really got to know Franklin, his sense of power and wealth has always kept him on the radar of suspicion and his more prevalent involvement makes him even more suspicious. Obviously, his love for Grace and Henry and, as he says, Grace never asking him for anything before this makes him okay with being more involved. However, there’s just something about the way the acts about the case that makes me question if he knows more than he lets on. When he talks to Jonathan before bailing him out, it’s easy to feel his disdain, disgust, and contempt for Jonathan that stems from him believing that he did it and his overall mistrust of him. There is a part of him that sounds like a disappointed boss and not just a furious father though and it makes me question if he’s more involved in this. Like, did he know that Jonathan was having an affair with Elena and put an end to it in a brutal way that would shock Grace so much she would be forced to leave him? The truth is still unknown but Franklin being a suspect isn’t off the table just yet and really neither is Jonathan.

Franklin (pictured above) shows himself to be a very powerful and demanding figure. PHOTO: Tell-Tale TV

For most of the episode, we get the usual conflicts of Grace debating about whether or not she loves Jonathan and how her seemingly perfect life is now in shambles. Honestly, there’s way more interesting stuff happening with Jonathan this time around as he takes some big risks that could break his case. Jonathan continues to work his charm in getting Grace and Henry to believe that they can just forgive him as he tries to be a fun doctor with Grace after a fainting spell lands her in the hospital and it actually makes him look bad. He’s constantly talking about how horrible he feels, even saying that he loved Elena, but there’re more moments where it seems like the gravity of the situation hasn’t really hit him yet and that all of this will just vanish. He’s even brazened enough for him to go visit Fernando (Ismael Cruz Cordova) to see his daughter and it just seems like he’s totally uncaring for the situation. It could be that he so selfish and narcissistic that he doesn’t believe he did anything wrong or that he knows he innocent and doesn’t care if people believe otherwise. Either way, Jonathan is such a captivating and complex character and it’s legitimately intriguing to watch and dissect his every move that just puzzles you even more.

Although this week’s episode hits some familiar ground with Grace still conflicting about her future with Jonathan and their family, everything with Franklin and Jonathan make for stellar, thrilling TV. They continue to stir the pot about their innocence and involvement leaving us puzzled before everything gets taken to court where it seems like the truth is going to come out – and it’s still a totally tantalizing mystery as to who’s really behind everything.

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