PlayStation’s eyeing up Demon’s Souls remake developer BluePoint Games: What could be their next game?

PlayStation was able to dominate the last console generation by delivering exclusive after exclusive that showed why they were the best place to play. Whether it was return of Kratos in God of War, Sucker Punch delivering a strong new IP with Ghost of Tsushima, Supermassive Games and FromSoftware created two unique horror exclusives with Until Dawn and Bloodborne (respectively), Naughty Dog creating two incredible franchise cappers with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us: Part II, or Insomniac creating a fresh Spider-Man experience, PlayStation kicked a lot of ass. With a lot of talented studios under their umbrella, PlayStation is in a strong position heading into the new console generation with the possibility of adding another studio to their already illustrious family – and it looks like its going to be BluePoint Games.

With their highly acclaimed remakes of classic PlayStation exclusives Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls, there’s no reason that PlayStation should wait any longer in bringing BluePoint under their wing. There’re already rumors swirling around the internet that a deal between PlayStation and BluePoint is being finalized so it’s only a matter of time before they become another integral part of PlayStation Studios. The big question though is that when and if this happens, what will BluePoint’s next game be.

If BluePoint does get picked up by PlayStation, they’ve said that it could offer the financial and marketing support they need to create an original game. While it’s certainly more than likely that BluePoint creating an original title will be possible if this deal goes through, we could just as easily be in store for another remake. With two excellent remakes already under their belt, there’s no reason that BluePoint couldn’t pull out a third and make a great trilogy that sets a new standard for modern remakes. Now, obviously this next hypothetical remake would be of another PlayStation exclusive, but it’s pretty up in the air for what it could be. So, before news breaks that PlayStation has scooped up BluePoint, let’s dissect what potential remake could be the studio’s next game.

Syphon Filter

When it comes to the top dormant PlayStation franchises, Syphon Filter definitely nears the top of the list. The franchise, created by Bend Studios before they went on to develop Days Gone, hasn’t seen an entry since 2007’s Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow on the PSP. Since then, the franchise has essentially become dead with only some possible connections in Days Gone and Bend Studio saying that there’s still a possibility to see the franchise return. Even with all of this hope and possibility though, the return of the stealth action series and its prolific protagonist Gabe Logan is still nowhere in sight making it the perfect time to get some new blood behind the series.

BluePoint could be the studio that helps Syphon Filter make a big return. PHOTO: Push Square

BluePoint has mostly developed remakes of third-person action-adventures set in past mythical worlds, so it would be really interesting to take on a stealth shooter set in a world of biological warfare. Not only would BluePoint be able to enhance some of the gameplay mechanics for a modern audience, but they could also give the game better graphics and lighting like they did with the Demon’s Souls remake to deliver a fresh and immersive stealth experience. With the series still having a lingering memory within the PlayStation fanbase and some clamoring for it to make a return, there’s no reason that BluePoint couldn’t bring it back in style.

If BluePoint was able to resurrect Syphon Filter in grand fashion, not only would it bring a once beloved PlayStation franchise back from the dead, but it would be a fitting way to leave their remake legacy behind and win over fans in a way that would give their first original game a lot of good will.

Jak and Daxter

Another dormant, but not forgotten franchises of PlayStation, Jak and Daxter is one of the biggest PlayStation franchises that BluePoint could resurrect. With the series being one of the PlayStation 2’s most defining franchises, it’s crazy how the iconic Naughty Dog created series has only made a return in the form of some easter eggs in modern Naughty Dog titles and a collection of the classic games. The last time that a new game in any form came about was Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier back in 2009 and it’s been even longer since a mainline game was released with Jak 3 having been released in 2004 – over 15 years ago. Of all the franchises that PlayStations fans want to see make a return, they’ve easily been the most vocal about Jak and Daxter and maybe BluePoint could help get the ball rolling.

Now, BluePoint making Jak 4 would be asking for quite a bit, but a remake of the game that started it all, The Precursor Legacy, could be a good way to both reinvigorate the franchise and send it in a new direction. A remake from BluePoint could update the atmosphere and characters that fans love and possibly pull a Final Fantasy VII Remake where it mostly adheres to the original beat for beat but expands on the world a little more and sends the franchise into new territory. Whether BluePoint would continue to expand the series themselves from there or pass the torch to another studio would be up in the air of course but seeing the franchise return with BluePoint’s help would definitely be something special. Fans have waited long enough to see Jak and Daxter return and perhaps BluePoint could be the perfect ones to reestablish them.

Sly Cooper

The news of Sanzaru Games, the creators behind the last entry of the Sly Cooper franchise Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, being acquired by Facebook to be a part of Oculus Studios was deeply saddening as a Sly Cooper fan since it pretty much dashed the hopes of seeing a future for the Cooper Gang. Then, however, I hopped onto Twitter and saw a friend of mine, fellow writer Matt Gilbert, tweeting at BluePoint to do a Sly Cooper remake. At first, I didn’t really see a reason why to do it, but then it got me thinking.

When you look back at the first Sly Cooper game, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, there’s definitely a reason that Sucker Punch changed the overall structure and mechanics in games that followed. From the series exchanging the old school lives system for a health bar to the series moving from a Spyro-like level design to a more open world adventure, the first game embodied this old 3-D platform adventure style and structure that future titles abandoned for a more modern style. With this in mind, it would be great to see BluePoint work their magic on creating a Sly 1 remake with an updated look and a more modern feel. Personally, I’d rather see Sly 5. However, with the chances of that game even being announced incredibly slim, perhaps BluePoint could garner some interest in the series again with a modernized Sly 1 remake.

Twisted Metal

Of all the games mentioned here, the idea of BluePoint doing a Twisted Metal remake is definitely the most unlikely – but also the most intriguing. Truth be told, games like Twisted Metal just aren’t made anymore. Aside from Destruction All Stars, which releases in February for PlayStation Plus, there aren’t too many smash up derby vehicle games anymore – especially with Twisted Metal taking a long hiatus after Eat Sleep Play’s 2012 reboot.

Twisted Metal is the kind of game that’s generally out of BluePoint’s comfort zone with them mainly working on action-adventure titles, but it could be a great chance for them to expand on their skills before delving into an original title. They could easily expand on the gameplay and atmosphere of the original while also adding in a multiplayer mode that would make the fanbase lose their minds. They would certainly offer a wider character variety than the 2012 reboot did and seeing all of vehicle carnage in a modern engine would be just unbelievably amazing. Look, it’s a longshot to happen, but it’s certainly that different game that would show the range that BluePoint has in developing games and a remake that would shock the gaming world like no other – maybe aside from this last possibility.

A Twisted Metal remake could be the perfect way for BluePoint to show their range of talents. PHOTO: Universal Videogames List

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

While SuperBot Entertainment was the main developer behind PlayStation’s attempt to bring some of their iconic characters together for a Super Smash Bros. series of their own, BluePoint was the one behind the port to the PlayStation Vita. Out of all the games that BluePoint could create a remake for, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is one that they would actually be quite familiar with. Sure, it’s another longshot, but it makes a lot of sense with how PlayStation’s character roster has grown in the last console generation.

Think about it, when PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale came out back in 2012, tons of PlayStation games and characters hadn’t even been conceived yet. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Concrete Genie, Ghost of Tsushima, Detroit: Become Human, The Last of Us, and so many others hadn’t been released. Even the Kratos we knew then is vastly different from the one we know now, and it’d be great to see a roster that reflects some of modern updates that many iconic PlayStation characters have received through remakes or remasters of their own. BluePoint could have a large enough roster to work with that third party characters wouldn’t even be necessary to create an iconic roster. Better yet, BluePoint could rework the maligned mechanics of the original that only existed to separate itself from being a Smash Bros. clone. Honestly, what better way to have a new studio join the PlayStation family than to have them remake a game that celebrates and pays respect to its fellow studios.

Whether they end up just making their own original game or one last remake to solidify their talents, the future looks incredibly bright for BluePoint joining PlayStation Studios and it likely won’t be too long till another studio joins the ranks. If the next big PlayStation exclusive, rouge-like survival horror shooter Returnal, comes out big, there’s not a doubt in my mind that developer Housemarque could be the next studio that PlayStation eyes to bring under its umbrella.

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