WandaVision: Now in Color (Episode 3) Review

On this week’s episode of WandaVision, Now in Color, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) deal with the unexpected side effects of Wanda’s pregnancy as her due date rapidly approaches at a sudden rate.

With the series now making its way into technicolor, we get a much different look and style that embodies sitcoms of the 70s – mainly The Brady Bunch. From the feel-good opening sequence we get that just warms your hearts to the way that the color just pops off the 70s digs everyone has on, the series takes on a whole new era of television in style. Even the way that the background behind Herb (David Payton) looks like a painting certainly evokes the cheap set designs of the time. There’s also another commercial break this time around that features another product bearing Hydra’s name, this time for a bubble bath treatment, making you wonder what their role could be in all this.  There’s even a moment where Geraldine (Teyonah Parris) says Wanda’s thick jacket is foxy and it continues to show that this series is obsessed with bringing out the look and feels of the sitcoms of a specific era – maybe a little too obsessed.

Wanda (left) and Vision (right) prepare to become parents as the due date rapidly approaches. PHOTO: Tor.com

Last week, I had talked about how the sitcom situations of each episode could run a little dry and this week we hit overly familiar territory. Throughout the episode, Wanda and Vision are preparing for the birth of their baby while also trying to keep Geraldine from noticing how the pregnancy is making Wanda’s magic go haywire. As a whole, the premise is fine and leads to some genuinely funny moments. Things like it raining inside the house when Wanda’s water breaks, Vision’s fast-paced diaper folding, Wanda’s powers knocking the lights out just in the nick of time so that a neighbor doesn’t have to tell his wife if her earring make her look fat are really funny. Even the relationship and performances from Olsen and Bettany continue to shine as Vision attempts to get ready to be a dad and Wanda holds down the fort. However, moments like their doctor going on a trip to Bermuda only to create drama during the birth that ends up just having him be there anyway, Wanda trying to keep a stork that her powers create out of Geraldine’s vision, and some of the dialogue like the doctor comparing the growing fetus size to fruit feel all too familiar. Honestly, if the performances weren’t so good, this episode would be kind of boring and it just adds to how this series delivers twenty minutes of familiar sitcom situations and two minutes of giving us a better grasp as the tantalizing mystery that’s still unfolding.

While all of this pregnancy chaos is going on, it feels like the sanctity of this world is beginning to unravel a bit and create new questions. Regardless how Wanda might try to reverse time when Vision gets suspicious, he’s becoming more aware that things are not as they appear. With Herb cutting into his cement block wall instead of his hedges, Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) cutting Herb off from seemingly telling him the truth, the doctor talking about how hard it is to escape small towns, and how fast Wanda’s pregnancy went, it’s only a matter of time before the cats out of the bag and questions must be answered. Of everything suspicious here though, there’s nothing, or rather no one, more suspicious than Geraldine as she’s outed as being an intruder of this world.

Geraldine (pictured above) becomes incredibly suspicious with how she remembers Wanda’s brother. PHOTO: Tor.com

Towards the end of the episode, as Wanda reminisces about her brother Pietro, aka Quicksilver, as she looks at the two sons she has, Geraldine makes a comment about Pietro being killed by Ultron that sets Wanda off. Add in the fact that Geraldine bears that same sword logo on her necklace that Wanda saw on that toy helicopter and everything that Agnes says about her not having any sort of roots here and Geraldine is looking mighty sus. Now, all of this really makes you question who’s really involved here and what the exact purpose of all this is. Is this SWORD faction after Wanda and Vision’s children? Are Wanda and the neighbors on the same team in keeping this fake world alive for Vision? Most importantly, who is Geraldine? While IMDB gives that answer away, I’m going to let Geraldine’s identity remain a secret. The episode ends with a glimpse into the outside world for the first time where Geraldine is swarmed by unknown guards and it seems like the ball is about to get rolling with the series finally delivering some answers.

While this week’s episode delivers some overly familiar, but delightful sitcom fun with Wanda and Vision preparing to become parents, the big reveals with Geraldine’s intentions and the outside world continues to keep the mystery of WandaVision as tantalizing as ever. With reality boundaries finally being crossed, next week can hopefully start to pull back the curtain on the bigger picture of what’s really happening.


Watch the Trailer Here: 

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