Invincible: You Look Kinda Dead (Episode 6) Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On this week’s episode of Invincible, You Look Kinda Dead, more of the same is delivered as Mark (voiced by Steven Yeun) continues to make his relationship with Amber (voiced by Zazie Beetz) work while Nolan (voiced by J.K. Simmons) is becoming more aware of people’s suspicions.

Last week ended on such a crazy and seemingly drastic note with Mark being nearly beaten to death, but it feels like he’s back on his feet in an instant. Sure, Black Samson (voiced by Khary Payton) and Monster Girl (voiced by Grey Griffin) are pretty much out cold for most of the episode, but it never feels like last week’s defeat really haunts Mark or changes his view about being hero. Yes, he does say that he’s questioning things, but you know he’s full of it and is back in action just as fast. Mark being on rest could’ve been a great opportunity to delve a little deeper into everything else going on instead of the okay story we get of him heading up to a college to deal with a mad scientist.

Mark (right) deals with a mad scientist’s concoctions as he visits a college with William and Amber. PHOTO: Game Rant

After feeling completely fine from his injuries and patching up his relationship with Amber yet again, Mark and Amber head up to Upstate University so Mark’s best buddy William (voiced by Andrew Rannells) can see his crush Richard (voiced by Jonathan Groff). The introduction to Upstate University and the mad scientist that works below is fine but comes with a miscast. Look, I love Justin Roiland and his work, but he just didn’t belong here. His voice sticks out really bad and he sounds like he’s doing a Rick and Morty sketch. Honestly, Ezra Miller’s voice for mad scientist DA Sinclair is also a little on the nose at times and the whole story of him wanting to “erase humanity’s flaws” is super familiar. Frankly, the whole Mark dealing with a bad guy part of this episode is fine, but nothing special.

The relationship woes that Mark and Amber go through are also nothing special and really just more of the same. Amber gives him another chance, they have a nice time together, Mark blows it when he does some superhero stuff, and then they’re back on rough terms. Their relationship is likeable enough to remain interesting, but something else needs to happen. Frankly, it feels like this episode was meant to be the moment where Mark tells Amber he’s Invincible, but they waste it on William instead. William is funny and all but him finding out that Mark is Invincible leaves little to no impact. He hasn’t really been around in a while and Mark doesn’t even care to talk about it since he’s feeling down about Amber. Again, their relationship is good and at least the episode leaves things rocky between them, but it needs to move into new territory soon.

The many plot thread and relationship woes continue their slow, un-moving antics that make you beg for something new to happen. PHOTO: Game Rant

The same can be said about the other running plot threads that are touched on again but don’t move much. Robot’s (voiced by Zachary Quinto) big plan is still unknown and even Nolan being figured out by Art (voiced by Mark Hamill) and Debra (voiced by Sandra Oh) doesn’t go anywhere here. Nolan basically catches on that Debra knows and attempts to intimidate Art into being silent while Debra drunkenly berates him when he gets home. Even Eve’s (voiced by Gillian Jacobs) decision to leave her family and become a full-time hero on her own time is cool for her character arc but nothing too drastic happens with it. It’s clear this series is taking its time to build all of these things, but it’s moving much too slow and really needs to start giving answers or at least start having things be called out to create interesting conflict.

Invincible is definitely still enjoyable to watch but really needs to start picking up the pace on its reveals and other plot threads because this week’s episode is just non-progressing filler. Questions need to start being answered because the whole same song and dance routine this series is doing is seriously getting old.


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