The Terror: Infamy – The Weak are Meat Review

On this week’s episode of The Terror: Infamy, The Weak are Meat, we see how Chester (Derek Mio) is holding up being away from loved ones but not from the evil that surrounds him, catch up with Luz (Cristina Rodlo) as she handles her pregnancy while finding acceptance from Chester’s family, and witness what evil lies underneath Yuko’s (Kiki Sukezane) seemingly innocent appearance.

The episode mostly cycles between the bleak paranoia that Chester is feeling as he deals with hostility from fellow American soldiers and Luz awaiting the arrival of their baby – or should I say babies. With Chester, we see that things are far from good as a translator as he is berated and belittled by fellow soldiers and worries that evil spirits still follow him. Although, it seems like the worst thing that Chester has to face is other soldiers that just see him as an enemy, Chester still believes that he hasn’t escaped the evil forces that haunted him at the camp.

The thing that comforts Chester finds in his new life is the letter he receives from Luz. PHOTO: Signal Horizon 

The scene of Chester reading a message that eventually starts describing him and where he is sitting until he seemingly gets stabbed is super suspenseful and expertly built up. Sergeant Crittenden (Josh Hudniuk) also builds up Chester’s paranoia as he exclaims his desires to kill him, after being rescued from Japanese capture, and his awful words make him unable to shake the feeling that the “yurei” are still haunting him. Honestly, there’s very little solace that Chester can find, and it only reflects how FUBAR his situation really is. Not to mention, with Chester miraculously surviving a beatdown and having no horrid burns as Crittenden attempts to burn him with a flamethrower, it seems like the spirits are quite done with him just yet.

Speaking of spirits, Yuko isn’t quite done with causing havoc in the camp and with Luz’s pregnancy. Not only does Yuko get closer with Luz as her due date rapidly approaches and cause more death around the camp, but her true form comes out to play. With Luz still feeling like an outcast with Henry (Shingo Usami) and Asako (Naoko Mori) not exactly making her feel welcomed, Yuko is the only one she trusts and that could lead to some trouble down the road. While seeing Yuko’s grotesque skull after a soldier finds her hiding spot would be enough to send chills throughout any viewer’s body, The Weak are Meat takes things to the next level by having a full-reveal to Yuko’s real form. The moment when she decides to exact her revenge against a doctor after Luz’s pregnancy takes a dark turn and takes off that already horrifying mask is perfect and what’s revealed is easily the most horrifying thing this season has offered. With Yuko seemingly unleashed and losing her innocent demeanor, it’s like The Terror is about to take a terrifying turn.

What makes The Weak are Meat a perfect episode, though, is the development given for Luz as well as her relationship with Chester and his family. Rodlo’s performance here is immaculate and there’s a lot of great moments that show Luz’s strengths. From not letting Chester’s family pretty much exile her babies just because they are twins, a bad omen in Japanese culture, and mustering up the strength to ask Henry about the baby’s name, she’s really come into the spotlight and has one of the strongest storylines of the series. Not to mention, her relationship with Chester is excellently displayed throughout the episode with the two sharing letters and using voice-over to talk about their situations.

Luz and Yuko get closer as Luz’s due date arrives. PHOTO: Nightmare on Film Street

Things take a heart-breaking turn, though, when both of their babies are stillborn. It’s truly a testament to the writing and acting from Mio and Rodlo with how much of a gut-punch this moment is – especially with it being paired with Chester reading a letter that tells him that he’s having twins. It’s easily the toughest moment of the show to swallow and sets both the show and Yuko on a dark course. It’ll be interesting to see how Luz, Chester, and the family move forward from this tragedy and how things play out as soldiers become more suspicious of the Japanese to extreme levels.

The Weak are Meat definitely isn’t weak and showcases some of the strongest elements of horror and emotion that The Terror: Infamy can. It contains great character moments, especially for Chester and Luz, and some imagery that will haunt viewers. With Yuko seemingly about to unleash her wrath and paranoia about to fill the camp, the dark turns The Terror: Infamy is about to take can’t be missed.



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